Who we are

We are Caravancol, an Asturian enterprise that makes, sells and hires tear drops.

We comercialize three models with the same base but different characteristics, TRAVEL, CLASSIC and CARGO, that can be personalised in different colours, vinyls extras... and it can be adapted to your needs as a caravan fited out with bed, kitchen... or as a cargo or publicity trailer.

The interior distribution can be changed too as far as the capacity of acomodation, so you could add to the TWO adult area ONE or TWO are more for children, keeping its size, main characteristics and without a price increment.

The CaravanCol team has a qualified laboral experience in the product making, in the paperwork and in the comercialization of different products, being the more outstanding features of the human capital supporting this proyects the following:

TWO of them are the owners of a furniture store which is the basis of our caravan construction. With the experience in this art of desing, build and production, they have been working more than 25 years with all kind of furniture providing their laboral and artesanal experience that gives you our product.

ONE of the associate has been Captain in the Merchant Marine and then, the personnel manager in a shipowner. After that, and during this last 15 years, he has been the production manager and then the works manager in one of the most important carpentry factories in Asturias. He has been the person in charge of the production and comercialization in this enterprise and the responsible of 100 workers in there. Now, he is the manager in production, comercialization and distribution of our caravans.

ONE of the associate has been during 8 years the responsible in the informatic programming of one of the most important building matrial distribution and sale in Gran Canaria. Then in Barcelona and during 5 years, she has been the responsible in Booking for Spain in one of the most important cruises enterprise. Now she is the administrator of CaravanCol.

THE LAST ONE of the associates, who has been Captain in the Merchant Marine too, with an experience of more than 25 years in the Civil Aviation, has been more than 25 years running and training professional teams high qualified with an important responsability in Canarias and Barcelona. He has knowledge in some languages and he is the design and coordination responsible in the CaravanCol team.


But the most important for us is the eagerness we put in this new proyect, which all of us provided the experience of tent, trailertent, caravans, adapted vans and campers users.
This is the reason we have been trying to make a product that could resume the BEST of each of these elements and on the other hand, we try to avoid, if it's possible, the WORST. Nevertheless, we'll always opened to all kind of progress and advices our customers give us.

This is the result, a entirely Asturian designed and produced product, DESTINED TO THE ENJOYMENT OF EVERYBODY, we hope you'll like it.

Our best,

CaravanCol Team


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