caravanas pequeñas


* Our caravans are approved as a trailer and the IVA is taxed deductible with whatever professional activity.

* For more information about prices and requirements, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Contact Form - Telephones: (34) 985 54 18 47 / (34) 689 04 18 25

* We finance with Caja Rural until 9.000 € (£7.166) in 3 years with very actractive fees.

  • Finance 3.000 € (£2.389) for less than 100 €/month (£79,62)
  • Financia 6.000 € (£4.777) for less than 200 €/month (£159,24)
  • Financia 9.000 € (£7.166) for less than 300 €/month (£238,86)

*Consult fees for other amounts and reimbursement instalments.
*Conditions shall be kept under the operation endorsement by the financial institution.

Owing to the fact that our caravans are made in colours, distribution and customer election, we request the customer an especific quantity to order with the final price of 2000 € (£1.592) and the rest at the delivery of the vehicle.
In case of acquire a yet made unit there wasn't initial payment and it would be payed the entirety at the delivery of the vehicle.

We're looking for distributors in Europe