minicaravanas asturias repuestos

Travel Features

(Besides the included in ''CARGO'')

  • Big aluminium made front boot.
  • Excelent termic and acustic isolation, 62997/32 in walls, in floor and ceiling.
  • Navy blue plywood floor, low aluminum.
  • A lateral door.
  • Porthole with polypropylene.
  • Roof light seals with ventilation at the top.
  • Divided screen bedroom/ kitchen.
  • Closets in the bedroom.
  • Folding postforming countertop that allows carrying all kind of sports equipment or camping.
  • 12v 2 Power points interior.
  • Rolling hubcaps.
  • 4 straighten legs and handle.
  • 1 interior light in room.
  • 1 exterior light over the door.
  • Identifiable lateral vinyles.
  • 220v exterior power point for camping.
  • 12v electronic transformer.
  • Interior floor cover and self-propulsion cover.
  • INOX ironwork in the furniture.


  • Axle with inertial brake.
  • Aditional battery in the front boot.
  • 220v Battery charger.
  • Battery charger solar panel.
  • Spare wheel 135/80/13, with wheel ri sheet AL-KO settle up the front boot.
  • Sidewall lining in bamboo.
  • Installing radio-CD with speakers.
  • I moved full exclusive.

Completed personalized and provided based on customer's pleasures and needes.

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