caravanas pequeñas

Cargo Features

Minimum from which you can equip

  • Axle, Chassis and lance, AL-KO
  • Metalic galvanized structure.
  • Floor coachbuilder, finish board.
  • AL-KO tires with neumatics 195/70/14.
  • Black, termoplastic AL-KO wings.
  • Jokey wheel with "pin-stop" (brake).
  • Trunk with double lock with key.
  • Aluminum walls and roof of ALU-CUBON (double 4 mm aluminum panel with insulating polymer), air chamber, lined interior aluminum.
  • Handles to faciltate the trailer.
  • Unique key for the locks.
  • Interior walls and aluminum roof. Carpeted floor very resistant automotive.
  • Identifiable vinyls in the trunk.
  • Light in the trunk (double).
  • Light circulation equipment authorized.
  • Exclusive design driving lights at the back.
  • Authorized as a trailer with posibility of IVA reduct.


  • Axle with inertial brake.
  • Aditional battery in the front boot.
  • 220v Battery charger.
  • Battery charger solar panel.
  • Spare wheel 135/80/13, with wheel ri sheet AL-KO settle up the front boot.
  • Sidewall lining in bamboo.
  • Installing radio-CD with speakers.
  • I moved full exclusive.

Completed personalized and provided based on customer's pleasures and needes.

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